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Birthdate:Jan 17
Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Here's the short and simple bio:

I'm a Software Engineer that has worked in several different tech industries. In my spare time, I DJ Industrial/EBM/Futurepop music.

Sportswise, I used to practice Kung Fu and Epee Fencing, though I am not doing so currently (to my great chagrin). I also follow Ice Hockey (specifically, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the San Jose Sharks - my two "hometown" teams from the two hometowns I've had).

Hobbywise, aside from the whole DJ thing, I read. A lot. Mostly fantasy and science fiction. For other hobbies, just peruse my interest list.

I also follow politics, which ought to be obvious from reading the majority of my posts here. What also ought to be obvious is that I'm very, very liberal. If I were more idealistic, and less realistic, my voter registration would read "Green" instead of "Democrat."

I'm also incredibly unlikely to remember to update this bio anytime soon, so who knows how much of the above still applies by the time you're reading this?

Oh, and since about 1991, I've been using the name "Freeptop" on the internet. To my knowledge, I'm still the only one that does. Making up nonsensical words to use as a userid makes it much more likely that your preferred name isn't already taken...
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